Food Pyramid For Adults

The food pyramid provides a proper guideline for the dietary need of the adults. It is true that the food requirements of the adults vary depending upon their age, sex, lifestyle and overall health. Hence, it is difficult to come up with the recommended food requirements of the adults. At the same time, the food pyramid for adults provides a judicious and reliable guide in this connection.

First of all, the food pyramid recommends that one should take a variety of food items. Choosing your food from a wide range can help you to ensure that you get the necessary nutritional requirement.

The food pyramid also has its base on a regular physical exercise. But for the older adults, who are not very active physically, the calorie demand is low. So, their nutritional and dietary regimen should be different.

The food pyramid for adults details the different groups of food that an average person should take to be healthy. Some of the recent findings should be kept in mind, while selecting the diet pattern with the help of the food pyramid. The salient features of them are the following:

  • One should go easy on fats and oils – this is the age-old advice. Recent scientific findings point that fats and oils are not actually completely proscribed. In fact, fat is also required for the body. Hence, fats, especially unsaturated ones, should be taken by the adults.
  • Similarly, general recommendation of taking milk for its protein and the growth of the bones has also come under the scanner.
  • The food pyramid recommends that the fats should be got from vegetables and cereals in lieu of meat and eggs.
  • The adults should also take different fruits like oranges, apples, bananas etc. and vegetables like carrots and beats, as they contain multi-vitamins, which are required by the adults.

These are some of the recommendations of the food pyramid for the adults that should be kept in mind, while preparing a dietary plan.