Food Pyramid

Food is the prime necessity of a man to keep him going. It provides the essential components for the supply of energy and the growth of the body, while keeping it healthy. But food should only be taken in its right amount. Eating excess amount of food is as harmful for the body as its deprivation. Moreover, the amount of different foods needed by the body is also directly related to the age, gender and physical activities of the person. In this context, the food pyramid is a revolutionary approach in depicting the dietary requirement of people. Its graphical representation is easy to understand for everybody.

The food pyramid comprises of six levels and each of them signifies a particular food group. Obviously, one should take less of foods from the food groups that are placed at the upper portion of the pyramid and consume foods in the lower portion of the food pyramid in ample measure.

The food pyramid also recommends the amount of food that should be taken from each food group. Earlier, it was designated in servings but now the actual amount in terms of servings has also been provided.

The food pyramid recommends that for a healthy living, one should take around 2000 calories of diet daily. It also suggests that greater part of this calorie need should be fulfilled from the carbohydrates and vegetables. For this reason, oil and fats have been placed at the top of the food pyramid.

The food pyramid also advocates that one’s meals should be chosen from a wide range of food items as this would ensure that you get all the nutrients needed by the body.

Regular exercise forms the very base of the food pyramid. It has been designed on the premise that the person leads a reasonably active life. Apart from it, he should also have a normal weight as the diet patterns for overweight and underweight people have to be different.